Thursday, March 22, 2018

Rob's Room: I'm beginning to suspect X-Men #141 has the most recreations of any comic cover...

Updated: 03/22/18: This is one of those posts that will forever get updates! Let me know if you learn of any others in the comments section and I will add 'em! 

Cover of The Uncanny X-Men 141 (Jan, 1981). Art by John Byrne and Terry Austin.
I think this one counts...
I love this X-Men; Days of Future Past commission by Arthur Adams!
Dork Note: I have always wondered how John Byrne came up with the idea. Now I don't have any insight beyond speculation. However, seeing the splash page from Iron Fist #10 done by John Byrne in 1979 the root of his idea is apparent.  
Rob's Room Note:  I also found this What If? cover from 1978